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Andrea Preece Coach ImageWorking with a coach is a very personal experience, the right coach can help you change your life. coach is your safe haven where you share your dreams, work through your darkest fears,  hurts, who helps you when you are stuck and support you change you make life transitions. Your coach is your cheerleader as you grow and progress and your neutral go to person who listens without judgement. Coaches and clients have a mutual trusting partnership, the goal to support you as you to discover what you want, where you want to go and guide you as you create the changed you want for your life.  The right coach is the person you feel comfortable with, who will be honest with you, hold you accountable in following through with the choices you make and help clear the fog so you can gain clarity and guide you as you transform your life. That’s what great coaches do.

Welcome to Coaching With Andrea

I have coached hundreds of people over my career, people who desperately wanted to change their lives, but many who had no idea where to begin; women who were starting over after a major loss; grief, divorce, career change or other major life changes. Others who thought they had it all only to find they were miserable desperate to find more in life. While other needed to off bounce ideas’s, talk to a neutral person in times of difficulty or to discuss new opportunities.

Who is Life Coaching For?

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to make changes in their life. We are ever changing beings, with ever changing lives. I have had the privilege of working with people from people of all walks of life, each on a very unique journey. When you are ready for a coach you deserve to work with a coach who is a match for your personality and your need. A coach who knows when to be soft, knows when you need some tough love and guide you on your personal journey.

When I tell you there is nothing that will shock, surprise or disappoint me it is because I have been through so much in my personal journey. I am not here to judge I am here to help you create change in your life, supporting you through your desire for change. Often people thinking coaching is about finding joy and happiness in life and in a perfect world that would be wonderful, but coaching is as much about working through personal issues, pain and confusion so we can get to the place of a better life.

I have coached, groups, individuals as well as clients long distance via Skype and telephone. I have been a coach to coaches, studied solution focused counselling, Satir Family Therapy and trained in many more practices. Though I find therapy useful in certain situation I have had the biggest breakthroughs will people as coaching to me is a more natural environment, because life isn’t text book, its real, just as coaching is.

I so look forward to meeting you, working with you as you make the change you are so ready to make.

From the heart,

your Life Coach, Andrea

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